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KF Standard Strategy

KF Standard Strategy

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Krypto Freunde

Krypto Freunde

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Krypto Freunde

Krypto Freunde

Hey crypto friends, with me you get not only extraordinary Cryptohopper settings that automatically switch up to 4 templates up and down but I also make German Youtube content about the Cryptohopper with my Settings.

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1 of 8 items they are needed for the complete package (KF All IN ONE) with USDT as basecurrency. This is a complex system what contains 4 strategies and 4 templates. They are designed to cover nearly every market situation and will switch full automatically between the templates and strategies to get the best possible result. Positions will be hold until they are big in the profit zone when the market seems to be bullish. If it will switch to an downtrend situation it will keep some investment available to have several DCA options. The price for all 8 items in this package ( KF ALL IN ONE ) is 80$. The estimation of the setup is 1.5 hours for the cryptohopper setup.

More information and download links clearly sorted for each exchange on the website:

Base currency: USDT
Exchange: Binance, KuCoin
Subscription: Adventure
Minimum investment: 1500$
One-time complete price ( 4 strategies + 4 templates ): 80$

Manual setup via a PDF guide:
Manual setup help via a Youtube video:
Remote setup for users residing in Germany Bookable at:
Discord support for all other questions:

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