Algorithm Intelligence

Let your bot learn and
decide by itself

A break-through innovation in trading - this is what the hedge-funds don’t want you to know. AI analyses all the strategies you feed it, and can decide on its own which one it should use.

  • Feed
  • Learn
  • Adapt
    AdaptOn change

Rate all your strategies

Automatically backtest
all your strategies.

Imagine having hundreds of strategies, using signals and even TradingView? Combine all of these and import them all into your AI.

Greg Valladolid, synapseDeFi, Inc.

Cryptohopper's Algorithmic Intelligence (AI) platform has allowed us to visualize, deploy and automate various trading strategies to applicable markets. This has lead to an exponential increase ...

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Learn automatically

Once you’ve fed
your AI,
it’s time to train.

Train AI

When you’ve imported all your strategies, it’s time to train your AI. Rate and rank all your strategies at once, for every market you’re active on. Your AI will rate and rank all strategies for you, and pick the best for the current market.

Adapt to changing markets

Your pocket

Hedge-funds don’t have one strategy to rule them all. They have hundreds of strategies and constantly switch between them to optimize trading. Now you can do the same thing. Your AI will scan for changing trends and adapt accordingly for every trading pair.

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