Every good trader can become a seller.

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Are you a professional trader or quantitative analyst, and want to earn even more on top of your trading gains? You came to the right place. Sell your signals, strategies and templates with Cryptohopper.

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Create and test bots on our platform, and sell them on our marketplace. You can even train your own trading A.I. and use it to send signals on the marketplace. Want to send signals from an external source? No problem. Just connect it to Cryptohopper and send your signals.

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Exclusive sellers get many advantages on Cryptohopper, including:


Keep 85% of your earnings instead of 70%.


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Have 3 signalers accounts instead of 2.


A free review of your product description by our editor.


Access to Cryptohopper's API, which you can use to build your own app.


We’ll put you in contact with a professional designer for your logo and promo images.


Become a signaller


Many more benefits to come shortly!

Become a seller in 10 steps.

Every good trader can become a seller. We’ll help you set everything up. Get exposure to thousands of traders, in just 10 steps.

Sellers Guide


Frequently asked questions

You are eligible to become a marketplace seller when you meet either of the following requirements:
  1. You reached the Master level. If you are a Master user you are automatically approved.
  2. You reached the Expert level, and have a unique strategy, and a decent trade history of at least 6 months.
  3. At any other experience level, the applicant must be an established trader already with his/her own social media and a long trading history
Cryptohopper takes 30% of the sales you generate. This can be reduced to 15% by joining the exclusivity program (among other benefits)
We have created the exclusivity program to help out and work on a closer basis with signalers and marketplace sellers who only sell their products on Cryptohopper.
For the strategies/templates, the customer pays a one-time price that you set. For signals, the customer pays every month the price that you set.
You can change the price for strategies/templates/signals at any time.
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