Trailing Orders

Better buys & sells,
the easy way

Sell or buy based on price direction. Sell a profiting position automatically when the price goes down, let your buy order track the price, and initiate the buy when the price goes up again.

  • More profit
    More profitOn your sells
  • Better prices
    Better pricesWhen opening up a buy
  • Protection
    ProtectionAgainst greater losses

Trailing stop-loss

More profit
on your

Never sell too early again with the Trailing Stop-Loss. Follow the price up, and only sell when the price goes down by the percentage that you configure. All automatically.

Richard Engel

I enjoy working with the trailing stop loss. It gives me peace of mind that I know that the hopper will take profit at the moments the prices fall again. Since crypto prices are very volatile, I...

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Trailing Stop-Buy

Stop buying at the

Trailing stop
Trailing buy

Ever bought a position, which made a big loss right after? Use our Trailing Stop-Buy. When your Hopper wants to buy a position, it’ll wait and let the price go down. When the price goes up again, that’s when your bot will make the buy order.

Trailing Stop-Short

Protect yourself from
further losses

Sell a position automatically and let the price go down. Your Hopper will automatically buy the position back once the price goes up again, protecting you from further losses.

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