Asset Manager

Manage your client’s funds, all in one place.

Add your client’s (or friend’s and family’s) API keys to manage all their accounts from one place, with state-of-the-art trading tools. Manual trading is even free of charge.
  • Manage
    ManageYour client’s accounts
  • Advanced
    AdvancedTools at your disposal
  • Automatically
    AutomaticallyTrade for your customers

Create Hoppers.

Add your client’s
API keys

Create a Hopper and add your client’s exchange account API keys. You can create unlimited Hoppers under one account, so long as every Hopper has a subscription assigned to it. Our Pioneer level is even free of charge and allows users to trade & manage manually.

Koen R.

CryptoHopper allows me to save a lot of time in managing my client's portfolios. Using the CryptoHopper APIs, I can choose which functions I offer to my clients, give them insight into the evolu...

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Advanced trading tools

Apply A.I, send
TradingView signals,
or copy a pro.

Trade automatically with your client’s accounts. Build a sophisticated trading A.I., send your own TradingView signals, or copy some from our marketplace with all your client’s accounts.


An easy overview

Manage from one overview. Easily see the performance of all Hoppers connected to your client’s exchange accounts. Assign different subscriptions based on the level of asset management you’d like to offer.

Personal support.

We've got your back.

Get your own client success manager to make sure you get the most out of Cryptohopper, and even tell us directly what kind of features you’d like to have added.

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