Trailing feature update - CH blogpost

After a LOT of requests from both staff and users alike we have decided to implement two new features regarding the Hoppers Trailing features.

Kucoinout of beta Cryptohopper CH blogpost

Kucoin is officially out of beta, and now available for everyone to hop on! We have added Cryptopia and Bitfinex to our Beta program. To turn on your Beta program go to your profile settings.

new signalers join the hoppers CH blogpost

Good news everyone! It is almost Easter, so we have prepared a special treat.
we had some inquiries about people who wanted to become full fledged signalers, so we decided to add them in!

Cryptohopper goes blogging CH blogpost

Cryptohopper decided to put their focus on blogging to stay in touch.
We decided to no longer use the changelog features of Headwayapp

Kucoin added to Cryptohopper CH blogpost

Cryptohopper is proud to welcome Kucoin as an officially supported exchange.
Cryptohopper has always thrived on user suggestions and requests. Recently, Kucoin got suggested/asked a whole lot, so we decided to add them as a supported exchange to our Hopper.

Our statement on the recent database migration CH blogpost

As many of you are aware, our users experienced some issues after we migrated our database.
In this article we will elaborate on the things that happened and the means to rectify caused problems.