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  • Let other traders do the work for you
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The benefits of a Copy Bot

For Subscribers

  • Copy the best traders

    See every seller’s profits, most traded currencies, max drawdown, and reviews.

  • Calculate your profit

    Calculate your minimum investment needed to cover the subscription costs and to make a profit.

  • Pump & dump protection

    There is a minimum traded volume before the seller can trade.

  • Join communities

    Join trading communities and gain market knowledge.

For Sellers

  • Earn passive income

    Earn monthly subscription fees each time a trader subscribes to your bot.

  • Trade like you usually do

    No need to adjust your trading style.

  • Global audience

    Offer your trading services worldwide.

  • Manage communities

    Grow your community and professionalize.

Just 3 steps to start trading like a pro
  • Select copy bot
    1. SelectWho to copy
  • Connect your exchange
    2. ConnectYour exchange
  • Keep track
    3. Keep trackOf your positions

1. Select Copy Bot.

Make informed decisions on who to copy based on the exchange the trader uses, the currencies they are trading, their trading results and reviews.

2. Connect your exchange.

Your funds stay safe on your exchange. Connect Cryptohopper with API keys. We offer “How to connect to” tutorials for all supported crypto exchanges.

The exchanges that are supported are KuCoin, Bitvavo, Binance,, Coinbase Advanced, Bybit,, Kraken, BingX, BitMart, OKX, EXMO, Bitfinex, Poloniex, HTX and HitBTC.

3. Easily keep track of your Copy Bots` activity.

Keeping track of your investments have never been easier. Manual entries to a portfolio tracker are something of the past. Your Dashboard will show all the positions your Copy Bot has opened.

Track your copy bot

What successful traders say about the Copy Bot

  • Andre Sorensen

    This is by far the best Cryptohopper call I made using the Copy Bot. I also tried other trading bots but will now stick to the Copy Bot. It is literally "set and forget". No need to worry. Ask y...

    Read full review


Frequently asked questions

Cryptohopper checks the performance of traders before allowing them to sell Copy Bots.
Start copy trading in three simple steps. Select a Copy Bot in Cryptohopper's Marketplace, connect your exchange and keep track of your trades in the Cryptohopper app.
You pay for a monthly subscription, and the regular exchange trading fees apply. There are no additional costs. All Marketplace Seller’s subscription rates are shown here.
Select a Copy Bot in the Marketplace and use the Calculator to determine your minimum investment to cover the subscription cost and to make a profit. The given result is based on the past performance of the Seller.
Yes, you will be able to set a max amount of funds to invest once you subscribe to a Marketplace Seller’s Copy Bot.
Yes, we want our Marketplace Sellers to trade as they would otherwise. That is why made it compulsory for sellers to trade with real funds. Skin in the game matters.
Yes, you can check the win/loss rate, a chart showing the Marketplace Seller’s funds, max drawdown, and more in Cryptohopper’s Marketplace.
Yes, but you will need to fill in a form as we want to evaluate your past trading results. Read more about becoming a Marketplace Seller.
Check here for more information.

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