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Cryptohopper automated trading templates

Automated trading

The latest and greatest innovation in E-trading. It allows traders to apply their personal trading strategies but have a bot implement it.

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The beauty of working with a trading bot lies in the fact that you can backtest your strategies and configurations. That way, you don’t need to simulate your trading to see if it’s going to work out or not.

The Technical Analysis Scan Interval is the frequency at which the bot checks your strategy for potential buy or sell targets. Cryptohopper offers three different tiers, depending on the subscription type you use. Lower scan intervals result in more buying opportunities.

These are the coins your Hopper scans 24/7 for potential buy and sells targets. The more coins you select, the higher your trading activity will be.

Don’t be limited by just opening one position at a time. When your Hopper spots multiple targets, they can all be bought. The Hopper can open up to 10 positions at the same time.

One subscription allows you to trade automatically on one exchange from one quote currency. The number of coins your hopper will scan 24/7 depends on the subscription type you selected and on the number of trading pairs the exchange offers for your quote currency.

Next to every paid subscription, you can use a Paper Trading Hopper for free. It’s a Hopper that trades based on real rates with fake funds and is ideal for testing new features and strategies of the regular trading bot. The bot types Market Making and Arbitrage do need a paid subscription to simulate trading.

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