Automated trading

Automatic trading is latest and greatest innovation in E-trading. It allows traders to apply their personal trading strategies but have a bot implement it. There are several reasons why an automated trading bot far exceeds manual trading.

Automated trading bot

24/7 Trading

Automated trading allows you to trade 24/7 days, 365 days a year. Humans just can’t trade this much.

Data Driven

Panic selling, greedy buying, these are just some of the ways that emotions may affect your trading for the worse. Cryptohopper uses pure analysis to drive its trading decisions.

Power & Precision

Cryptohopper can trade all available coins simultaneously, keeping track of their exact prices and selling as soon as they hit your target profit. It’s not possible for a human to apply real time technical analysis to more than one open position, but a bot does that with ease.

Social Trading

Telegram trading is a new phenomenon that allowed experienced analysts to share insight on rising coins with other traders known as signals. Cryptohopper allows users to subscribe directly to these signalers, and respond automatically with a buy or sell order when it comes in. Read more in Crypto signals.

All-Market Versatility

Bull, to bear and inbetween. Our auto-trading platform is jam-packed with features to make you successful in all markets.

Bull market

Bull markets

Grab the bull by the horns. Cryptohopper is the ultimate tool to take pure, 24/7 advantage of bull markets.

  • Trailing stop loss
    Climb the upward trend with the trailing stop-loss feature.
  • Searching for targets
    Up to 2 minute buy strategy intervals.
  • Reserved funds
    Save up, and hold a piggy bank of all your earnings.

Sideways markets

Scalping trades like never before.

  • Scalp trading
    Scan up to 75 coins at the same time and sell them when they hit a profit of as little as 0.8%. This would not be worth it when you trade manually, but can lead to big gains with Cryptohopper.
  • Positive pair trading
    Have your hopper only choose to trade the coins that have a positive 24/h change, so you increase your chances of investing in winning coins.
Sideways market
Bear market

Bear markets

Stay on top of bear markets with awesome intuitive tools.

  • Triggers
    Respond to rise and fall of bitcoin and make sure you respond to early signs of bear markets.
  • Short selling
    Enjoy short selling your declining coins, and buying them back at their price floor at the end of the bear market.
  • Dollar cost averaging
    Reduce your heaviest bags with DCAing when they hit their price floor.

Cloud Based

Cryptohopper is amongst the few bots to offer its service entirely on the cloud. This means that you’re able to trade autotrade effectively without needing to leave your computer on 24/7. Log in at all times and tweak your configuration from any device.

Cloud based

No system requirements

Not just for desktops, 0 installation, just sign up and start trading.

Zero downtime

Never let your network connectivity affect your trading.

Hassle free updating

Enjoy frequent and completely hassle free feature updates and bug fixes.

Securely hosted on AWS

Our platform is completely and securely hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

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