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Do you know which indicators to use, but have no idea how to code? No problem. Now you can combine your indicators, test them, and build your own strategies. Sell your strategies on our marketplace, or add them all in your A.I. and conquer the markets.

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    VisualNo coding
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    TestAnd deploy
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Drag ‘n Drop indicators

Stop coding,

It’s easy - just add indicators and build your own strategies. No coding, just building and testing. Choose from more than 130 indicators and candlestick patterns.

Alexis Hess

Cryptohopper is truly an amazing platform. Very easy to use and with infinite potential! The support is very responsive and very efficient. The strategy designer is very easy to learn, and there...

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Testing Strategies

Test and tweak


Stop wasting time. Test your strategy directly in the Strategy Designer or load it into our backtesting tool, and see how it would’ve performed.

Using your strategies

Sell them to the
Or improve
your A.I. Or both.

Sell your strategies on the marketplace, or use it to feed your own powerful A.I. The more strategies your A.I. has, the better it runs.

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