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convert funds.

Receiving funds on a wallet that needs to be exchanged automatically? Import them automatically to Cryptohopper and convert them to the currency you wish
  • Convert
    ConvertPayments you receive
  • Automatically
  • Profit
    ProfitWhen using trading tools


Track payments automatically

Auto-import payments that arrive on your exchange. Track and convert them. Exchange to your currency of choice.All automatic


24/7 monitoring

Automatically adapt when a currency makes a move. Track the price up, then sell automatically when it goes down, set a tight stop-loss, or simply convert within a certain timeframe


Different settings per

Tailor different settings for multiple currencies with a config pool. Set different stop-losses, and choose different ways of selling with a profit per coin. Use the trailing stop-loss, take profit, or technical indicators to convert with a profit

Personal support.

We've got your back.

Get your own client success manager to make sure you get the most out of Cryptohopper, and even tell us directly what kind of features you’d like to have added.

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