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Introduction to Cryptohopper

Join us for an interactive, introductory Cryptohopper experience. We’ll show you how to create Hoppers, connect your exchange, copy pro traders and build AIs.

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Available for all leading Crypto exchanges

Create unlimited Hoppers and connect them to your exchange accounts. Manage your portfolio from one user-friendly place.

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Connect, sit back, and watch the magic happen.

Your exchange offers the option to create an API key. Fill that key into Cryptohopper, and we’re fully connected with your exchange. This is where the magic starts.

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Can you track markets 24/7? Your Hopper can.

Automatically scan the markets for buying opportunities, and sell accordingly when you’ve made a profit. Easily start trading by copying a pro, or by downloading their strategies and templates.

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Learn and adapt. Automatically.

Harness the power of A.I., backtest all your strategies automatically, and change to the best performing one to use for buying opportunities.

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Losing track of your investments? We don’t.

Every time you buy assets, Cryptohopper creates what we call a position. This position is unique to Cryptohopper and tracks its profit and losses. Giving you a perfect overview of your performance, and making it easier to take action.

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Modular. To infinity and beyond.

Your Hoppers are completely configurable. You can even set different settings per coin, making it the most versatile bot on earth.

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Automate your technical analysis.

Crypto trading is 24/7. So is your Cryptohopper. Your Hopper scans up to 75 markets, simultaneously. It does the work, so you don’t have to.

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