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apply to the future.

Mind-blowing performance now comes standard. The new Cryptohopper Backtesting is a game-changing combination of meticulously curated historical data and high performance AWS powered serverless compute. Gain unparalleled insights that drive smarter trading decisions — our most powerful Backtester ever.

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    AnalyzeThe Past.
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    TestAnd deploy.
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    LibraryOf Backtests.

Harness the Past.

Effortlessly Backtest
Your Bots.


Unveil the true performance of your trading bots with ease. With Cryptohopper Backtesting, you can easily put your bots to the test, examining how they would have performed in past market conditions. Dive into rich historical data, explore various scenarios, and elevate your trading game like never before.

Jason, TA Warriors

What I like best about cryptohopper is that you don't have to write a single line of code to use it, and this also applies to backtesting. Cryptohopper's backtesting tool saves months from devel...

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Unleash the Backtesting Magic.

Seamless Deployment of
Promising Backtests.

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Take your successful backtests to the next level. Cryptohopper enables you to seamlessly deploy your promising bots from backtesting to your live trading bot. Witness your strategies come to life as you bridge the gap between historical performance and real-world trading.

Maximize Trading Success

Your Backtesting Library: A
Treasure Trove of Tested Bots.

Cryptohopper Backtesting serves as your personal library of tested bots, ready to be deployed at your convenience. Save and organize your successful backtests, creating a treasure trove of proven strategies.

Cryptohopper testing library

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