Learn from the past,
apply to the future.

Save time and find out early if your Hopper will run efficiently. Test your configurations and strategies on paper and decide later if you want to go for real.

  • Historical data
    Historical dataLearn from the past
  • Test
    TestAnd deploy
  • Collect
    CollectYour tests

Using historical data

History repeats itself


Test your Hopper using historical data that we provide for you, and see how it would’ve performed. The best thing - it’s free of charge. Play around and find out.

Jason, TA Warriors

What I like best about cryptohopper is that you don't have to write a single line of code to use it, and this also applies to backtesting. Cryptohopper's backtesting tool saves months from devel...

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Deploy after the test

Happy? Put your
test live.

Image of a cursor clicking a "deploy" button

Adjust your Hopper until you’re satisfied with the test. Once you find a configuration that worked on the old data, just click the deploy button, and your live Hopper will be able to use it immediately.

Testing library

Forgot about which
worked? We remember.

We’ll save your tests for you, so you play around until you’ve found the best settings. Just go to your testing history and select the one that worked best for you.

Cryptohopper testing library

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