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Don’t let the fear of a market shift keep you up at night. With our A.I., your bot can automatically recognize trends and switch to a better strategy.

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The Strategy Designer is the place where you can create your ideal strategy. A strategy is a combination of technical indicators and candlestick patterns that can be used to open up and close positions automatically. This is the heart of your hopper. It is where the decision to enter and exit a position is made!

The beauty of working with a trading bot lies in the fact that you can backtest your strategies and configurations. That way, you don't need to simulate your trading to see if it's going to work out or not.

Cryptohopper offers more than 130 Technical Indicators and Candle Patterns. Choose from Trend, Volatility, Momentum, and Volume indicators and combine them to design your optimal trading strategy.

One of the most exciting developments in automated trading is our unique A.I., available exclusively on Cryptohopper. A.I. stands for Algorithmic Intelligence. No, it’s not Artificial Intelligence - well, not yet. Who knows where the future will take us?

The Hero Hopper subscription allows you to use advanced indicators, including the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX), Average True Range (ATR), Ichimoku Cloud, and Elder Ray.

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