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HIT & RUN Premium Template (Wolf Of Crypto)

HIT & RUN Premium Template (Wolf Of Crypto)

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Wolf Of Crypto Premium Strategies

Wolf Of Crypto Premium Strategies

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HIT & RUN is the most effective crypto trading strategy yet. It generates quick profits by buying coins just before their price goes up and selling them with a sweet profit. HIT & RUN is equipped with intelligent market downfall predictions aimed at protecting your portfolio from a crash.

» Specs »
- One-minute setup and your bot will start trading for you
- Average profit of 1.60% a day during October 2021 (excluding exchange's fees)
- Consistent win rate of 90% +
- Average holding time of 12 hours
- Tested over 10,000 times
- Built-in lists of coins divided into 4 groups based on profit potential and risk
- Buy once and gain lifetime access (w/ 12 months of updates!)
- Updated daily to generate profits in all market conditions
- Supports all exchanges
- Free support and guidance

» Setup instructions »
- Download this template and enable auto-update
- Download the strategy for this template from this link-
- Navigate to your baseconfig settings (at )
- Click the "actions" button (top-right) and then "Load template"
- Load the template "HIT & RUN Premium"
- Navigate to config -> strategy, make sure it says "HIT & RUN Premium" and click save
That's it! Your bot will start trading for you 24/7. It's that easy!

We are committed to excellence
Years of trading experience led us to create some of the most robust trading strategies on the market. What's our secret? Testing! and lot's of it. We test each strategy 1000's of times to find the best performing configuration.

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More info, support and user-guides can be found on our new website -



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