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Bitcoin devil - Template for Spot Trading

Bitcoin devil - Template for Spot Trading

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Bitcoin devil

Bitcoin devil

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Bitcoin devil

Bitcoin devil

We're a dedicated team that's creating strategies, templates, signals & guides for every market scenario. Honored to bring value to this community! For more information see our website & discord.

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-- Description--
This template is created and tailored for customers that want to trade with stable coins as their base currency. Contains our recommendations and triggers.
It's recommended to use Bitcoin devil strategies with this template. Strategies can used signal singlely or mixed together into the A.I. feature. For more elaboration on the topic of A.I. check out our strategy guide:
This template is specifically designed to work with with the following strategies
You can find the specific settings for each of our other strategies in their respective config pool.
- - Subscription & Exchange --
This template can be used with any subscription on any Exchange.
- - Updates - -
All strategies presented by Bitcoin devil are elaborated back tested by our team. We continue to improve and update our strategies on weekly basis. This to always keep up with the market and to bring the most value to our customer base.
The current version of this template is provided with DCA settings in the base config.
Backtest results are now available on Discord! Feel free to ask us backtest results from a specific date!
-- Website--
- - Socials - -
Discord channel:
Feel free to ask any question!
- - Disclaimer- -
All strategies and templates presented by Bitcoin devil are created and optimized to aim at maximum profits. However, always preform your own research and risk assessment. Bitcoin devil is not a financial advisor and not responsible for any losses. Before purchasing any of our products or services please inform yourself with the Terms and Conditions on our website:

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