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Bitcoin devil - Scalper for DOWN tokens

Bitcoin devil - Scalper for DOWN tokens

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- - Description - -

Bitcoin devil – Scalper for DOWN tokens is developed to build daily profits in a sideways/bear market. By combining multiple indicators this strategy finds sharp entries and exits for leveraged down tokens on the Binance & Kucoin exchange.

This scalping strategy is designed to work best in a confirmed market trend. On extreme volatile days, days in which the sentiment can switch easily, this strategy is not putting out many signals in order to prevent losses.

Please inform & educate yourself on leveraged tokens before starting trading with this strategy:

- - Recommended --

Sell based on strategy. Trailing stop-loss and stop loss. DO NOT USE DCA STRATEGY WITH LEVERAGED TOKENS. Feel free to ask us any question! This strategy is best to combine with Bitcoin devil - Template for UP & DOWN tokens BINANCE/KUCOIN

- - Subscription --

This strategy will work on every subscription.

- - Updates - -

All strategies presented by Bitcoin devil are elaborated back tested by our team. We continue to improve and update our strategies on weekly basis. This to always keep up with the market and to bring the most value to our customer base.

Backtesting results available on Discord! Feel free to ask us backtest results from specific dates!

- - Socials - -

Join our discord channel to get exclusive deals and free giveaways! Feel free to ask us any question!
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- - Disclaimer - -

All strategies and templates presented by Bitcoin devil are created and optimized to get maximum profits. However, always preform your own research and risk assessment. Bitcoin devil is not responsible for any losses.

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