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Maxon [Adventurer] Fastlane: Offensive

Maxon [Adventurer] Fastlane: Offensive

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Welcome to the „Fastlane“. This is my newest setup and is designed to use 2 templates. An offensive one to make much money on an uptrend/sideway market and and defensive one to get rid of the positions in green as fast as possible. It will do in that mode very defensive buys at the bottom of red candles and merge it together with the offensive buys to lower the average as good as possible. An good trigger setup is also recommended to switch between the templates. This project is still in development, but already working good. To make sure that the triggers are working correctly please take care that you saved the templates on your profile and set the right template in the load template section in the triggers. Cryptohopper can just load templates that are in your local setup. Marketplace Templates are not working yet. If you need assistance you can contact me here:



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