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Smartgrow-Trading AI Template

Smartgrow-Trading AI Template

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***** All Backtest results on discord, Smartgrow-Trading is committed to a transparent marketplace. *****

Smartgrow Trading is a german company that develops precise smart Crypto trading signals, strategies and templates for smart traders.
This Template is an AI template for fast scalping using the AI strategies of Smartgrow-Trading. The template is updated regularly based on AI analysis to always have the best coins in the portfolio.

## We now use a coin prediction filter to get the best coins to trade. Because never trade against the trend for long term sucess. You can get out tradingview filter also for free. Simply join our discord for more details.

::::::::: Compatibility :::::::::
The template works with all exchanges and should be used with USDT as base currencies. If you load the template, all your existing configuration settings, config pools and triggers will be overwritten. Only Exchange Settings, API Keys and base currency will stay the same.

:::::::::: Description ::::::::::
We regularly analyze the current market and the individual coins and select the deactivated coins that do not have a good forecast in order to further reduce the risk of false trades. If adjustments to other settings become necessary due to market conditions, we will adjust them and also announce them in our social media channels. This template is most profitable when used with our Smartgrow Trading strategies. Of course, this can also be combined with other strategies.

:::::::::: Update Frequency ::::::::::
Backtested and updated daily with optimized settings for current market conditions.

:::::::::: Other Items ::::::::::
Since this strategy is part of our AI series, this strategy should be used in combination with many good strategies. Below is our recommendation for a profitable use of within an AI.

---- Template ----
Smartgrow AI Template -
Smartgrow Trading - Tradingview Signals Bot - Bearish Power Template -
---- Basic Series ----
Basic 01 - AI Series - Daily Win -
Basic 02 - AI Series - AI Trend -
Basic 03 - AI Series - Sold Out Momentum -
Basic 04 - AI Series - Trend Confirmation -
---- Elite Series ----
Elite 01 - AI Series - Bullish Momentum -
Elite 02 - AI Series - Support Momentum -
Elite 03 - AI Series - Overbought Oszillator -
Elite 04 - AI Series - AI Trend -
---- Premium Series ----
Premium 01 - AI Series - Time Powered Bull -
Premium 02 - AI Series - Power Bull -
---- Signals -----
Tradingview Signals - Bearish Power -
Premium Signals -

:::::::::: Step by Step Guide ::::::::::
Setting up hopper and Template:
Setting up the AI:

:::::::::: Contact Info ::::::::::
E-Mail: [email protected]

We would be happy if you became part of the community and help us to get people excited about algo trading. We all have the same goal and should support each other.

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