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IAG | AI Frigate | Trend Strategy

IAG | AI Frigate | Trend Strategy

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This strategy is ONLY to be used with the I Am Geek Frigate AI Strategy. .

- To be added as “TREND Strategy” in AI strategy.
- All other IAG Strategies to be added in “Signal Strategies”
- All coins needs to be trained again, and then every 6 months from there.
- AI Config:
Buy/Sell Signal Settings.
Validate signals after X time: 1,5 Days
Minimum percent change buy signal: 5
Minimum percent change sell signal: 5
Market Trend Settings.
Maximum percent change neutral: 5
Minimum percent change uptrend: 5
Minimum percent change downtrend: 5
Moving average for trend: EMA
Moving average period: 38
Other Settings.
Maximum score for neutral signals: 40

Base Config.
Strategy Config.
Number of targets to buy: 3
Use corrected score for buys: No!
Minimum score for buys: 0.3 Recommended (Adjust to your risk profile. Lower score risky, Higher score safer)
Use corrected score for sells: No
Minimum score for sells: -0.4

DO NOT USE STOP LOSS. Use Recommended DCA settings with the IAG Frigate Template.
Base Config Buy amount to work with DCA settings:

Percentage Buy amount -

Explorer Hopper (80 Positions): Safe 0,375% - Risky 0,75%

Adventure Hopper (200 Positions): Safe 0,15% - Risky 0,3%

Hero Hopper (500 Positions): Safe 0,06% - Risky 0,12%

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IAG Corellian Corvette
IAG The Ghost
IAG AI Frigate Trend

Contact us: [email protected]
CryptoHopper Exclusive.
Warning! Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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