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Crushing It

Crushing It

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Developed to crush it with solid buys at the best entry points. Focusing on lower volume with minimal losses. Over the past year through my own research and the input from the community I have developed this strategy to push us all toward market success!

I will be updating this package weekly adjusting to the market.

Currently running - Bearish

Here are some Results and Backtesting from running Crushing It on Nov, 27th 2018 -

Additionally - With the purchase of "Crushing It" I will include access to the Patreon section of my discord. In addition, I want to give you access to my CryptoHopper Udemy course. But I need to figure out how to do that.

For access to the Patreon Section of the discord please send me a DM on discord. Thanks

Miggity's Discord -

*****Price Increase, I miss understood how the new market operated. I thought it was a monthly subscription fee. Because it's a one-time purchase I have to increase the price. This will enable me to provide the support that is needed.

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