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Wildrabbit is the wild side of Jackrabbit.

Our beloved Jackrabbit has gone and gotten drunk again on his favorite cocktail of carrot juice, cognac, and vodka and woke up suffering from FOMO. Now this little beast is on a buying rampage. If there's a reason to buy, consider it bought!

This strategy runs on 5 minute candlesticks. Before you purchase this strategy, please have a thorough understanding of candlestick time frames,

This strategy is tuned for coins with very high market caps with high trade volume and is bullish.

Can be used as a standalone replacement to Jackrabbit, or with Jackrabbit.

This strategy uses a strategic blend of Exponential Moving Averages, RSI, Bollinger bands, stochastic, and Williams %R technical analysis done in such a way to only provide reliable hits.

This strategy can be used with a trailing stop loss (preferable) or sell by strategy.

With trailing stop loss, the following values have been tested with very good results: arm at 1.4% , loss at 0.1%. This strategy works very well with the trailing stop buy of 0.15%.

It is preferable to use sell only with the trailing stop loss and sell only with a profit.

If you prefer to sell by strategy, you will take some losses, but overall the strategy will profit. Selling by strategy is best used in a full bull market.

If you have your settings set to trailing stop loss, do NOT switch to sell by strategy until after ALL of your bags are sold or you will take huge losses.

May take up to 24 hours, depending upon market conditions, for buy to start. Typical time for this strategy to start making buys is 2 to 6 hours, though it is very market dependent.

Updates take place as long as you are subscribed.

I am very active in the discord server and I'll be happy to answer questions there. It is probably the fastest way to get support from me. My discord username is @Rose Heart#6946

I am one of many dedicated members of Community Support. Join Discord today,

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Bulls make money,
Bears make money,
Pigs get slaughtered.

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