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[MPGB] on KuCoin

[MPGB] on KuCoin

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!!! WARNING - This is bot uses a compound strategy. This means it will use up to 50% for Altcoins or 100% for Bitcoin of you funds for one or two open position. Please familiarize yourself with the concept of compounding and the risks involved before subscribing. !!!

!!! ATTENTION - I do not recommend to use "Portfolio Sync" when starting your subscription or after switching off for some time. When we are holding positions currently at loss, your position will be in profit earlier, but they will not sell until we are in profit. However, your profits will be potentially higher. It is up to you, if you want to risk it. With "Portfolio Sync" off, your bot will start with the next order. The waiting time will be the same regardless. Once your bot is in sync, it does not matter if it is on or off. !!!

!!! INFO - Trading frequency is varying greatly. It can take up to two weeks without a trade. Please have some patience. !!!
!!! INFO - You do not need an additional subscription from Cryptohopper for a copy bot. !!!

1KTO1M is a challenge to trade your way up from an initial investment of $1000 to a whopping 1 million (or more) through the power of compounding with a total average profit target of 3% daily.

Compounding is a simple concept but very powerful because it has a multiplier effect on the initial capital – the ability of the investment to generate earnings from not only the initial principal invested but also the subsequent interest earned over the coming period. You wager your total balance for one trade each time. The profits can grow exponentially. It is however very risky and I do NOT recommend this with your main portfolio.

Adaptive Strategies
Templates and strategies are automatically adaptively cycled to deploy the best settings and assets for the current market condition. I do trade manually sometimes too. Coin list is evaluated every 3 months and updated according to best performance.

BTC Dominator
Bitcoin, as leading index, is continuously monitored. Should Bitcoin experience an extraordinary price increase, it will attempt to close your Altcoin positions with profit and then ride the Bitcoin bull. Usually a higher Bitcoin dominance results in loss for Altcoins. Ideally you manage to get out before that happens. Normal operation resumes after the market has stabilized.

Crash Protection
Likewise, if there is indication Bitcoin is crashing it attempts to exit your Altcoin positions with profit ideally before they are affected by a market crash. Altcoins tend to crash harder than Bitcoin. Normal operation resumes after the market has stabilized.

SHTF Mode (planned - not technically possible yet)
When sh!t hits the f!n and USDT is de-pegging from the USD during Crash Protection, the bot will exit into USD.



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Total in assets


-16.40% Down

Max. drawdown

3496.97072381 USDT

31.91% Down

Start date

March 6th 2024

49 days ago
Start amount: 10000.00000000 USDT
Lowest in assets: 7462.27922971 USDT
Highest in assets: 10959.24995353 USDT

Results by month

2024  8.72%-20.01%        

These results are based on a Copy Bot with simulated funds (paper trading) of $10,000.00 and has portfolio sync enabled. Past performance is not a guarantee or indicative for future results.

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Warning. This Copy Bot is at loss, therefor the investment calculator could indicate only losses. Please invest with caution.

Calculate your minimum investment needed to cover for the subscription costs. You can change the investment value to calculate expected montlhy and yearly profits.


Change the investment value to see your returns.

Indication of result

This is only an indication. The costs for the subscription are already substracted.
This is only an indication. The costs for the subscription are already substracted.

Static values

The subscription price (excl. tax/VAT) of this Copy Bot per month.
The average profit of all months. See results tab for the monthly profits.

This calculator is designed to provide an estimate of the minimum investment required to cover your monthly subscription costs. Please note that it is not intended to predict or guarantee future profits, as past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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Data since:


Total Copiers


Avg. profit per trade


Best profit per trade




31/100 31%


15/100 15%


15/100 15%


15/100 15%


8/100 8%


8/100 8%


8/100 8%


6 100.00%

Winning trades

0 0.00%

Losing trades


W/L Ratio

Currency # Trades Avg. profit Highest profit Lowest profit
UNI UNI41.30%1.30%1.30%
LINK LINK21.29%1.29%1.29%
APT APT21.30%1.30%1.30%
AAVE AAVE21.58%1.58%1.58%
AVAX AVAX11.64%1.64%1.64%
BTC BTC11.24%1.24%1.24%
ICP ICP10.00%0.00%0.00%

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