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Star Merging - Template

Star Merging - Template

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Most popular template for solo Scalp Star strategies.
#Scalp Star [Bull]

The template is built for merging. This is an easy way for even cheap bots of ~500$ balance to make money. You buy until it's sold. I prefer using Scalp Star [Bull], it's the most accurate scalper on CH.

Reserve for at least 10x initial buy amount and make it run. The template is built on the example of ~1000$ balance bot with 8 coins merged.
You should calculate how much you can afford by this easy formula.
1000$ balance bot. Calculating in $. Using 11,12,15,20 $ initial buys, because 10$ is usually the minimum possible amount to buy cryptocurrencies on the exchanges.

1 coin buy amount = 11$
1 coin (11$) x 10 initial buy amount for merging = 110$
110$ x 8 coins = must be <= 1000$ (balance)
110$ x 8 coins = 880$
This is still a relatively risky setup I would always suggest allowing it to merge 20,30+ times on each coin to make it safer.

12$ coin x 20 merges x 5 coins = 1200 $
12$ coin x 30 merges x 10 coins = 3600$

An even better setup would be to scalp fewer coins and invest more
20$coin x30merges x8coins = 4800$

Do your math and make a nice earning bot, risk-reward ratio is the most important part of trading.

The high success rate of this strategy usually sells on the first buy, if they don't you start merging them until it's sold. You fix bad trades pretty fast on average of 3 merges. You will rarely see over 10 merges on this bot and the biggest merge I've seen was 18 in the market crashes in the past 3 years. Average holding time is 4h after 2 years.
Keep v1,v2 triggers turned on to trade inside long swing waves of the market.
Scalp Star [Bull] is trading uptrending pull-backs or consolidation zones and never trades on the way up, it's smartly designed to never average 'up' your trades, it will only buy lower, not higher again.
Star strategies have a mini kind of AI logic integrated inside them already.

On Cryptohopper merging happens once you hold 2 of the same coins in your portfolio, it merges them together into one, simple.
So, if you are trading 2 coins allow your bot to use 4 open positions so that 3rd and 4th coins are bought first, after that they get merged into 2 big positions (previously 4). (set maximum percentage open position per coin to be 2)

For more questions visit:
Community Discord:
Mail: [email protected]

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