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Scalp Star [Bull]

Scalp Star [Bull]

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Scalping strategy which is targeting pullbacks and corrections in longer multi-time frame trend confirmations.

Scalp Star [Bulll] can be used as a solo scalper on Stop Loss / DCA / Merging or add it to Star AI.

*I do not recommend you to use stop loss on daily/weekly downtrend charts. Don't fight the trend. That's something only Star AI can do with our training - check website.
You can try scalping with 5% SL, 1.05-0.15tsl, disable DCA and have turned on all triggers - on DCA template for scalpers.
Normal DCA template still beat it's returns and profit, it's up to you how you want to trade it. Test it on paper first of course, coin selection is important a lot when it comes to SL scalping. Choose only the best market cap coins and buy 1 position per scans not more.

Backtests are scoring 90-100% over a whole month on settings #2%TP / 2%SL // 2% TP / 5% SL. Backtest always with flat tp/sl. TSL is not accurate and with SL you can see drawdowns of positions.

There are many ways you can use scalpers :
DCA template -
Merging Template -
Star AI template -

AI is scoring ~94% buy score over good top 50 market cap coins on 1.5% profit and just 4h validation time for example.


Always make backtests and learn how strategies work. Please join discord server and our great community.
More people together, more experience and trading efficiency.
Bull Star - is searching for very accurate buys before big pumps happen and predict uptrends. It doesn't buy every day but rather used as a long strategy with higher profit targets.
Scalp Star [Sideways] - comparing prior highs and lows when market is consolidating and snipping accurate entries on breakouts.
Scalp Star [Bull] - designed to buy pullbacks and corrections. Strategy trades only if there are longer multi-time frame trend confirmations. It's the highest scored and accurate scalper.
Bear Star - buy dips and open up new positions on oversold areas / DCA other strategies (can easily go long from here as solo strategy).

*Combine them together in Star AI to make it work as a pack with Star Flow Trend (5-15-30), Star Short Swing Trend (30), Star Trend And Momentum (60), Star Expose Trend (5-30), Star Trigger Trend (30-60), Star Quick Trend (1min).

Community Discord:
Mail: [email protected]

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