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Star AI

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Template for AI trading combined from all Star Strategies + trends. You need to order a Hero subscription to be able to trade with this AI.

Website and updated guides:
(Cryptohopper have a limited number of words in descriptions, check website for more in-depth guides)

-Bear Star
-Bull Star
-Scalp Star [Sideways] (don't include it in AI for a much safer set and forget trading, strategy comes with risks!)
-Scalp Star [Bull]
-Star Short Swing Trend (30)
-Star Trend and Momentum (60)
-Star Flow Trend (5-15-30)
-Star Expose Trend (5-30-60)
-Star Trigger Trend (30)
-Star Quick Trend (1min)
AI CONFIG: validation time 4h-24h (shorter time safer AI but less trades, I prefer 15)

Last ~ 5-month results with Star AI full pack
(used some SL, auto close trading for 3 weeks in September. Don't touch it and let it work unlike me):
November bearish market stats:

Star AI scores on just 10h validation time. These are the top-scoring strategies.

Most people think AI doesn't work or self-train. With enough tests and lost money we became AI scientists. We know exactly how to make it work and why it's not working on 90% of strategies around here. Trust me... This is probably the smartest trading bot / AI you have ever seen.

To really see the true potential of how amazing and set and forget this AI can work I suggest you train AI without Scalp Star [Sideways] inside for safer trading. You can include this strategy of course, but I highly suggest you don't skip live training of AI on paper then. Keep reading...

Create your AI and train coins on all strategies+trends.
Once coin training is done, I advise you to start AI on paper-trading for at least 2 weeks (preferred 1 month) on 'minimum buy score of~60% 'baseconfig' settings so AI trains from mistakes on live results which are much more important than backtesting history results.

When you run it for a while on paper and score down unrealistic buys, you can start using it on live bot. I advise you to use ~95% minimum buy score of AI to trade with trend. Once you get just 1-10 trades a day you know you are hard limiting AI and don't let it buy downtrend / bad coins which is your goal. If you want more trades slowly slide down the buy score button to 92-91-90 and watch the performance. You can easily see where is the hard cap of buy score on 'Trend Down' coins. Trade above that score at looking inside AI for best scoring markets like this.

After 1,2 months of trading, this downtrend limit usually falls below 85-75% so trading above 90% is highly advisable. Yes, to cut all things short. Set it on ~94%+ and you don't even need anything else except v1 triggers turned on when your AI settles down with live scores. It knows when to trade, what trades to pick and where to make smart DCA's. Pointless DCA's after every 6,8% that we manually set are stupid. AI will buy smarter DCAs only when coin is having big time frame trend reversals. Have fun!

If you skipped pre-training I advise you to have v2 ai or ema triggers on! Well trained AI at high buy score needs nothing else except v1.

If you do have spare paper bot, its smart to keep it running parallel to your real bot - on 60% buy score so it keeps scoring all buy signals and eventually score up coins as well, that gets better in market in the future. So paper basically live backtests all signals that comes in and real bot just pick out the best ones. Smart huh?

-By default you have V1 triggers for buying on / off on BTC 4h percent change candles. This is good crash protection trigger and will turn off buying in a bad situations. I suggest you keep this trigger on at all times.

- V2 AI triggers

Enable buying only in uptrend of BTC which is dominating in crypto market and disable on a downtrend.
For this trigger to work you have to train new AI for 'AI input'.
Download this trend and follow instructions on this link down below.
*Learn new AI with 'Star Trigger Trend (30)' on just BTC/usdt pair and choose it as 'AI input' trigger so bot reacts and turn on/off buying based on its trend.

AI Trigger config: validation 3days

- V2 Ema triggers

Work just as good as AI trigger trend, but are much easier to use and you just have to turn them on if you want to trade with trend more carefully than AI is doing alone. Turn this one on or AI trigger.

Community Discord:

Cryptohopper: How to make Algorithm Intelligence (AI):

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