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Star AI Paper Trainer

Star AI Paper Trainer

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RUN THIS template FIRST! > on paper hopper, before trading 'Star AI' template on real hopper.

Template is configured for your AI to self-train on paper bot with live trading results. Use it for 2 weeks at least then you can start trading it for real on Star AI template.
It's recommended that you keep running trainer on paper hopper after that for 1 or 2 more weeks to make your AI smarter. This way you are making it almost artificial intelligence, it will know what to trade and avoid once it experianced real market and process all signals to sort them into trends.

For guide and info visit WEBSITE :

Add 50.000USDT paper funds and start training. You can have buying and selling turned off if you want, just make sure to have hopper turned on and searching market for trades. It remembers all buy and sell targets it finds and sorts them inside AI.

You can build your AI and train it on paper with any subscription active. You don't need to buy HERO yet. Buy / upgrade your subscription when you are done with pre-training and put AI on the live trading bot. (New people to CH usually buy explorer, paper train it for 1-2 weeks and then buy Hero subscription to start trading Star AI template).

This template will make sure to fix all fake scores from AI on low buying limits since backtesting is not reliable and gives 50% of wrong informations to your AI on how to trade. Trades and profits won't make sense, don't worry about that.. It's designed to just validate signals exactly the way AI system does and fix the way it operates.

Trainer template have the best 50 coins I would recommend trading, Star AI template has less coins and the safest ones in my opinion. This way you train more coins and have them ready if you ever decide to add some more to your real trading bot.

90% of strategies don't self-train in AI, there are reasons why they will never self-train but that's our secret. We tested it over the years to fully understand this system and design strategies carefully to work with each other hand to hand and always follow the trend.

More info and guide about how to use STAR AI -
Community Discord:



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