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Binance Copy Bot w/sl |Starbots

Binance Copy Bot w/sl |Starbots

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-We trade only on the most important/reliable cryptocurrencies - BTC, ETH, LTC,..
-We try to always come out with a profit - no matter the market situation
-These are slow long swing strategies (yes very slow - this is called long swing trading) on 2h,4h timeframe charts that close trades within a day usually
-There should be around 1-10 signals a week if we are up-trending. Weekends can be quiet if the market is flat and it will also not trade if the market is crashing.
-We dont need 100 coins and a lot of trades to be profitable. We trade less often on just a few good selected markets and invest a lot per order (50-80% balance).
-We are stopping trades with an average of 2.7% loss and winning with an average of 3.6%. We shouldn't expect a larger than ~15% drawdown on the balance while trying to gain approx +50/100% per year or more. Being realistic, 150% is possible too, but only in good bull markets as we trade only spot and long positions. These bots made 2500% profit by compounding in 6 years on just this 3 coins.
-You can subscribe to this and Binance Copy Bot w/dca+sl on your exchange, they trade different coins. That copy bot shines in bear markets and make consistent profits every month while this one makes slow but big swing trades in mostly actice in bull markets.
-- Important! Bots trading on stop loss usually have bad performance in weak volatility and slow sideway-choppy markets (on DCA bots you can get stuck and not sell anything for months too..). Traders make the most mistakes here and so does bots. Im usually experiencing breakeven - small drawdowns in choppy markets that can last 1-2monhts sometimes. Market is slow in reality, our patience is tested (people that checks in daily), bots are long term investments.

-- Check the profit calendar of these bots al the way back to 2017 and see expected monthly income on the website

!!! Check out the algorithms I use and more info on the website !!!! Its a must!

? RESULTS: Look at the USDT graph

I would not recommend investing more than you can afford and even accounts with as low as 50-500$ are accepted to test it. We are closing trades in profit and loss. You can get emotional if you are new to trading and we have a red losing month, you should definitely NEVER invest money you can not afford to lose! Crypto markets are highly volatile, Im trading with my personal account, I take the risk, but I wont be responsible for your losses. I try to provide a lot of data and give you a bigger picture of how this bot is working, please take a look at the website where you can see the historical data of more than 7 years. If you like my trading you can join me on my journey. Last year we came out with more than 100% profit (2022-2023) even though we had a strong Downtrend market.
Do not trade what you can not afford to lose. Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and risky. I'll manage your portfolio, but make sure you understand that Stop Loss trading has a lot of bumps on the road, we should grow our profits exponentially though! Its good for investments in the longer run. Im a safe, high-winning rate trader for the past 5 years in Crypto markets.

If you are new or registering a new account on Exchanges, please use my referral links. You will get money from fees on every trade I make and bonus money on your account for trading fees.


This is a Binance Copy Bot. We are trading with USDT pairs. You need to have USDT in your spot wallet. You dont need to do any special configurations to run it, just connect Cryptohopper Copy Bot to your Binance account with API.



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Selected currencies:


Total in assets


120.73% Up

Max. drawdown

808.62135305 USDT

3.53% Down

Start date

September 28th 2022

610 days ago
Start amount: 10000.00000000 USDT
Lowest in assets: 10000.00000000 USDT
Highest in assets: 22881.64192331 USDT

Results by month

2022        0.59%5.50%10.75%-0.51%

These results are based on a Copy Bot with simulated funds (paper trading) of $10,000.00 and has portfolio sync enabled. Past performance is not a guarantee or indicative for future results.

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Data since:


Total Copiers


Avg. profit per trade


Best profit per trade




67/100 67%


33/100 33%


10 66.67%

Winning trades

5 33.33%

Losing trades


W/L Ratio

Currency # Trades Avg. profit Highest profit Lowest profit
ETH ETH200.27%1.94%-5.39%
BTC BTC10-0.51%2.36%-3.15%

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