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Scalp Star - Free

Scalp Star - Free

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Star bots are designed to work under different market conditions.
The returns are spread over different months and not concentrated on a specific time of the year, we always come out with profit.
Warning! Past performance does not guarantee future results.

This strategy is designed to scalp in all markets.

***Update 10/5/2021 - strategy used to have in-build trends to avoid downtrend now we use template setting- buy only positive pairs in last 6h** It looks like it reacts faster than any trend i put in strategy. In addition to that we have disable buying triggers on 4H candle in template aswell. (triggers check candle every TA scan not every 4h)

// FREE SCALPER trades fast, but less accurate.
*Star Scalper - template settings will make it trade only positive pairs in the past ## hours as it doesn't have in-build trends.
// Paid Scalp Star Bull / Sideways have 99% buy score in AI while free scalper have a lot lower score.

This strategy can work pretty well on Adventurer subscriptions.
If you decide to buy all strategies for Star AI, I don't recommend you to put free scalper in.

# Average Holding time - 30min

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