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Scalp Star - Template

Scalp Star - Template

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Star bots are designed to work under different market conditions.
The returns are spread over different months and not concentrated on a specific time of the year, we always come out with profit.
Warning! Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Use this template with free and paid versions of Scalping strategies if you intend to run them SOLO without whole AI setup.

Template is set up for free scalper and ready to go. If you decide to run scalp star bull / sideways on this template remove trade only positive pairs in configurations. More on that down below.

You can add or remove coins, this are recommended/tested with the best result (can be outdated). Change 'percentage buy amount' or 'minimum usdt amount per order' accordingly to your exchange balance. 60%, 70% balance should be left for DCA. (dollar cost averaging)
(10-50 open positions) x (percantage or amount per order) = (should be 30-50% of your balance)

Some Recommended settings:

- Config - Buy Settings - Only buy when there are positive pairs: ON - positive pairs timeframe: 6h
(works better than using trends in strategy, adjust it to you taste)
**turn this off if you are going to use premium scalper on this template as mentioned on the beginning

-Take profit: 0.40% - 0.80%
(let the bot take profit even higher - Config - Exchange - Use ticker rate: Highest Bid / lowest ask)

-Trailing stop- loss : I don't advise it for scalping. There's too much latency on API. Scalping is a way of taking quick profits.

-Dollar Cost Averaging: #order type: market #Dca after 6hours #DCA max retries 3 #DCA set percentage 8% # Dca buy immediately: NO #DCA order size: Double Down

Updating template settings regularly or announced recommended changes on Discord.

For more information join my Community Discord:
PM me on Telegram:

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