Cryptohopper decided to put their focus on blogging to stay in touch.
We decided to no longer use the changelog features of Headwayapp

We have seperate blogposts regarding our changes listed in the changelog, but for ease of reading, it is listed here as well

updates about bugs and affiliates

We have fixed multiple bugs on the platform, changed the affiliate terms and added the functionality to reset a trailing stop-loss on a position after a trailing stop-loss order is being cancelled.

New affiliate terms and conditions

We have updated the terms and conditions for affiliates and we have changed the commission structure for new affiliates. All existing users/affiliates will stay forever on 15% commission. A big thanks to all our existing affiliates for being early adopters of Cryptohopper and spreading the word. All new users/affiliates will start with a commission percentage of 10%. This will be adjusted to 12.5% commission when an affiliate earned more than $ 500 in the last month, and to 15% when an affiliate earned more than $ 1000 in the last month.

Read the complete terms and conditions here.

We still need to make some marketing materials available for affiliates. We will upload logos and other marketing materials in the coming days.

Reset trailing stop-loss

You can now enable the option to reset a trailing stop-loss after an order is cancelled. When enabled this will reset the trailing stop-loss rate on a position when the trailing stop-loss sell order is cancelled, manually or after the configured amount of time.

Bug Fixes

  • DCA bugs
  • Position summary in dashboard invalid percentages
  • Incorrect decimals position amounts with signals for Binance hoppers

DCA improvements & Cooldown periods

We have made some improvements to the new DCA feature. You can now also configure the percentage trigger, you can configure if you want DCA to buy according to strategy or immediately, and you can configure the size of the DCA order.


New: configure the cooldown period in your config. With cooldown you can configure your hopper to disregard buy signals when a coin is in the configured cooldown period. You can enable cooldown for coins after buys, sells or both.

TradingView charts are now default

We also have changed the default chart in Cryptohopper to TradingView. The charts of TradingView are much better and user friendly.

KuCoin in BETA

You can now use KuCoin Exchange in BETA. We are still testing and collecting errors and other messages for proper integration, but you will be able to hop on KuCoin already if you are a BETA user.

1 hour candle size

New: 1 hour candle size! After many requests from everyone, you can now select 1 hour candles in backtest, strategies and triggers. Almost all exchanges are natively supported, only Poloniex 1 hour candles are created based on their 30 minute candles.

Trailing stop-buy and Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

Good news! We have added trailing stop-buy and Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) to Cryptohopper. With trailing stop-buy you can trail the trends downwards before your hopper places a buy order. DCA or Dollar Cost Averaging (Martingale) is a new feature which can help you get rid of your bags, but also has some more risks involved. You could end up spending more than you want on a single currency to get rid of any bags.

You can configure trailing stop-buy and DCA now in your hoppers, or create a manual buy with trailing stop-buy from the dashboard, or create a manual DCA order for selected positions from the bulk actions menu.

Split and merge positions

You can now split and merge positions in your dashboard. To split a position: select a position, click on the bulk actions button and select split positions. Your positions will now be split in 2. If you want to merge positions of the same coin, select them and select merge positions in the bulk actions menu. The average price is then calculated and the positions are being merged.

Trigger history

Because of a few requests about more insights in when a trigger is being triggered and what it does, we have added a history feature for triggers. Everytime a trigger is being triggered, it will be logged in history and you will be able to view when your trigger triggered and with what indicator values.

Check your history by going to Config -> Triggers and clicking on the button Trigger history. (You may need to do a hard refresh: ctrl + F5 for the button to work.)

Night mode and bug fixes

Now available: Night mode. For those hoppers that are working overtime. Click the moon icon in the header to activate Night mode. You may need to do a hard refresh (Crtl + F5) for the button to work properly.

We also fixed some bugs:

  • Cooldown period of triggers now works correctly
  • Sell based on strategy issue with some configs has been fixed
  • Kraken USDT-USD pair, market invalid error
  • Backtest bug with some indicators

Telegram and Discord

We have created an official Telegram group and Discord channel for our users where you will be able to communicate with other users about your hoppers and Cryptohopper. Check them out now:

Big update

We have performed a very big update to Cryptohopper which includes many new features and bug fixes.

New features

  • Sell based on Multiple TA strategy
  • Follow sell signals from signallers
  • Create custom triggers
  • Track payments made with Crypto & pay also with XMR, ZEC, XRP and BCH

You can learn everything you need to know about these new features in the new documentation. Go to Documentation to read more about these new features.

Max positions per coin & strategy

We have adjusted the max positions per coin so it will take open buy orders for coins als in account. This will fix the issue with some hoppers getting more open positions than the max for a coin.

The multiple TA strategy and the issue with missing coins in the target dropdown box has also been fixed.

New config value: use ticker rate

There is a new config value available for your hopper: Use ticker rate. Here you can select which values of the exchange tickers should be used.

  • Highest bid / Lowest ask: when selected the highest bid or lowest ask value of the exchange ticker is used.
  • Use last if higher/lower: when selected the last price on the exchange ticker will be used instead of the highest bid or lowest ask value.
  • Always use last tick: when selected the last price on the exchange ticker will always be used. Highest bid and lowest ask will be ignored.

Bug fixes

A few bugs have been fixed in the last days up until now:

  • GDAX total in assets error when total in assets is 0
  • GDAX total in assets BTC calculation
  • Kraken decimal error
  • Minor other fixes

Buy multiple targets from strategy

You can now let your hopper buy multiple targets from your Multiple TA strategy.

If your Multiple TA strategy finds more than one target to buy, you could enable it to follow multiple targets. There is a new config field called: Number of targets to buy (only visible when multiple ta is selected). If you configure 3 and the hopper finds 4 targets, it will buy the first 3 targets, sorted by the number of indicators and buy signals it has hit. The maximum number is 10 targets.

Binance exchange now available

After so many requests by our users to integrate Binance with Cryptohopper we have finally finished the integration and you can now connect your hopper to the Binance exchange platform. If you have not created an account yet at Binance, start by creating an account there.

Great features of Binance:

  • Low transaction fees
  • Quick API responses
  • Many available coins

Limitations of Binance:

  • Higher minimum order amounts
  • Fee and commission structure leaves many small amounts if not paid with BNB
  • Wallet scrubbing not (yet) properly designed for Binance

Chat bot on Messenger

We have launched a chatbot for Messenger. It is still very basic, but allows users to search through community questions and (accepted) answers on the site. Users will still be able to contact support through Messenger with the bot, but we hope that the bot will be able to answer questions first.

We will keep working on the bot and will also look into making it possible to retrieve hopper stats and more from within the bot.

A few fixes

A few fixes have been implemented to the platform:

  • KAMA or other moving average indicator values with periods over 200.
  • Bollinger Bands deviation with decimal in the config
  • MACD n/a bug on Bittrex hoppers
  • Some minor other fixes.

Currently we are working on:

  • Binance exchange integration
  • Automatic payments for signalers and affiliates
  • Trigger (sell or other actions) configurations

GDAX and Bittrex bugs

We have fixed the issues with the calculation of the total in assets value and target search values with GDAX hopper. Also the bug with the INVALID_MARKET with Bittrex hoppers should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Back to speed

Good and bad news. The good news is that the application is back to speed and loading times are faster than ever. The bad news is that for some hoppers the total returns value in the dashboard could be off due to latest update. We have removed some graphs from the stats section and stopped tracking history for some stats, which made the application much faster. We are working on a better solution for the tracking of the complete profit/loss history and this will hopefully be launched soon.

If your stats are incorrect, you should reset them unfortunately. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Rolling out the realtime hopper

We will roll out the new realtime platform faster than expected. This was planned for the new year, but with the massive growth we are experiencing we need to convert now to the new platform, because this is built for growth.


  • Each exchange will have its own server group. Issues at one exchange will not affect all hoppers anymore.
  • Changed the database structure for faster I/O and better saving of open positions and open orders.
  • No more long-running process. The new hoppers will perform small fragmented tasks and therefor will check many more times for sell or buy triggers.
  • Better and faster handling of signals
  • New error log/feed with better searching of what your hopper did or does with the live feed
  • View your current target and TA values of your strategy
  • Cancel orders from the dashboard

New hopper intervals

  • Check positions: every 20-25 seconds and immediately after rate change
  • Check orders: 5 seconds after first order, every 30-35 seconds thereafter
  • Check balances and stats: can be called randomly, but also every 60-65 seconds
  • Find target and buy: Starter 10 minutes, Medium 5 minutes, Pro, 2 minutes
  • Arbitrage (only for Pro): Every 2 minutes or every minute if strategy is disabled
  • Clean up tasks and wallet scrubber: Starter 20 minutes, Medium 10 minutes, Pro 4 minutes

We will look into pushing the intervals for checking the positions, orders and balances, after every hopper is converted to the new platform.

New hoppers will as of now automatically start hopping on the new platform and existing hoppers will be converted in the coming hours.

Manual Target Time

The Manual Target box on the dashboard has been improved. You can now select the time for how long the manual target should stay active. The minimum length is 30 seconds and the max length is 99 hours.

TradingView charts

You can now replace the default charts for TradingView charts with your indicators from your strategy enabled. Go to your profile and select TradingView at Chart Source. You may need to do a hard refresh, Ctrl + F5, in the dashboard and on the charts page to see all changes.

BETA Live platform

We have released the BETA version of the new live platform. You can test this out by going to and convert your hopper to the new platform.

Bollinger Bands in Backtest

There was an issue with Bollinger Bands in the backtest only, not in the hopper searching for targets. This has been resolved and you can now correctly use the Bollinger Bands in the backtest.

Moving averages in Multiple TA

The moving averages and the MACD strategy in the Multiple TA have been changed. They now look back 2 candles to confirm that the short period crosses the long period on the current candle, and for MACD if the MACD value crosses the signal value.

The new GDAX minimum order amounts have also been changed in our system accordingly.

Backtesting and BTC for GDAX

We just updated Cryptohopper with some minor small fixes. The backtest selecting period bug and result output has been fixed and you can now select BTC (and GBP) as base currency when your hopping on GDAX.

Small fixes

A few small fixes have been made:

  • deploy template fix
  • show target sell rate in position
  • arbitrage double check active market

The Coin Pulse signals stopped working suddenly for the second time. We have again unsubscribed and subscribed which seemed to fix it, but we are looking for a more permanent solution.


We have changed the moving average indicators in the Multiple TA strategy to only signal a buy when the current MA value for the short period crosses the current MA value for the long period, compared to the previous candle.

More AJAX in Dashboard

We have added more AJAX functionalities to the dashboard. Manual buying, setting the target, selling positions and removing positions all work without page reloads. The synchronize tool, the panic button and the wallet scrubber still require a page refresh.

The alert and confirm boxes have been updated, confirm buttons have been moved. You can now also bulk hold/unhold positions and edit the percentage profit for multiple open positions.

A hard refresh maybe needed to see all changes, use Ctrl + F5.

There were also some bug fixes:

  • Sync tool hide coins where no market is available
  • GDAX include open orders for balance calculation
  • Some minor visual bugs

Bug fixes

Current fixes have been deployed for the GDAX post only bug, actual order rate with Bittrex, synchronize tool, and some other very minor fixes.