We have fixed multiple bugs on the platform, changed the affiliate terms and added the functionality to reset a trailing stop-loss.
After many requests and pointers, we have changed some things to make sure our hoppers get the smoothest and most profitable experience possible.

New affiliate terms and conditions

We have updated the terms and conditions for affiliates and we have changed the commission structure for new affiliates. All existing users/affiliates will Keep their 15% as a big thanks to all our existing affiliates, for being early adopters of Cryptohopper and spreading the word.
All new users/affiliates will start with a commission percentage of 10%. This will be adjusted to 12.5% commission when an affiliate earned more than $ 500 in the last month, and to 15% when an affiliate earned more than $ 1000 in the last month.

Read the complete terms and conditions here

We still need to make some marketing materials available for affiliates. We will upload logos and other marketing materials in the coming days.

Reset trailing stop-loss

You can now enable the option to reset a trailing stop-loss after an order is cancelled. When enabled this will reset the trailing stop-loss rate on a position when the trailing stop-loss sell order is cancelled, manually or after the configured amount of time.

Bug Fixes

  • DCA bugs
  • Position summary in dashboard invalid percentages
  • Incorrect decimals position amounts with signals for Binance hoppers

Happy Hopping!

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