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Hero - Dump Sniper PRO - Cryptoset

Hero - Dump Sniper PRO - Cryptoset

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The settings are fully matched to the combination of services: Dump Sniper PRO (Strategy) & Knife Catcher (Signals)
Variable values:

Percentage lower BID/ASK: You can lower / increase this value. Reduced means a few transactions less but the difference in the entry price will be better. Increased value means more transactions but usually we will start with a slight "-"%

Trailling stop-loss: You can lower / increase this value, but not more than 0.25% down and 2% up. The lower value will result in faster closing of the transaction but with less profit. Increased value means more profits but may leave more pending currencies.

After implementation, change only in the Strategy tab on: Dump Sniper PRO (from the Marketplace) + in the Exchange tab enter your API.

Strategy tests:
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If you need a dedicated configuration that perfectly matches your capital, please visit:

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This template has the following strategies and signals configured. You need to download these strategies, and subscribe to these signals (in case of paid signals), for this template to work correctly.

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