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Cryptoset - Dump Sniper PRO

Cryptoset - Dump Sniper PRO

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As the old adage says "Buy low & sell high" - This strategy reflects it perfectly.

It is based on many indicators and in a very good way catching the bottoms on the market and finalizing profits. It is very well suited to any market condition, and updated if necessary. The goal is to buy currencies at the bottom of decline and sales when trending indicators are high and the upward trend ends.

The number of transactions is closely dependent on the trend. The most signals are during the downward trend, then the bot buys in the bottom. During consolidation, there may be 1-3 signals per day. During the upward trend, most signals should be from the signal group. To increase the number of signals, we recommend additionally using the signal group. The strategy is updated in relation to the changing market situation.

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If you need a dedicated configuration that perfectly matches your capital, please visit: If you want to use ready solutions go to Marketpalce -> Templates and search for Cryptoset

Works best in combination with: Cryptoset - Knife Catcher [SIGNALS] & Cryptoset - Technical Analysis [SIGNALS]

*In addition, as part of shopping you get 3 months access to the Premium zone on the Discord channel. To receive it, send a confirmation of purchase by e-mail or write on Discord to @Piter

Update 5: The Dump Sniper PRO and Scalp Master strategies have been updated to make a larger number of transactions.
Update 6: Added protection against "Punp & Dump" signals
Update 7: Configuration for the strategy updated:
Update 8: A very large update has been introduced because the strategy has been made available again. The previous version (V1) for all clients is updated to (V2) - this one - but V1 is no longer available in the Marketplace. The new version includes modified indicators and improved by additional ones. It is more conservative and the number of daily meals is 0-4 but very high quality. It is excellent as an addition to signals.
Update 9: The DCA settings have been changed. Now, with the sudden collapse of the market after the purchase, Hopper will wait at least 4 hours for DCA. The configuration and link have been updated

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