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Cryptoset - Scalp Master

Cryptoset - Scalp Master

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Scalping - Small quick profits can add up

The idea behind this scalping strategy is to catch the short wave retracements that take place when the market reaches a peak oversold state. Profits are not huge but they are consistent when the system is correctly applied.

The indicators are set in such a way that they make purchases during temporary drops of a given cryptocurrency but at the same time when the price begins to reverse. The price change from the last 5 minutes must be positive for the purchase to be made.

Our group Discord:
If you need a matching "Template" for your capital, exchange and base currency: visit:
Works best in combination with: Cryptoset - Knife Catcher [SIGNALS]

*In addition, as part of shopping you get 3 months access to the Premium zone on the Discord channel. To receive it, send a confirmation of purchase by e-mail or write on Discord to @Piter
Update 5: The Dump Sniper PRO and Scalp Master strategies have been updated to make a larger number of transactions.
Update 6: Added protection against "Punp & Dump" signals
Update 7: Configuration for the strategy updated:
Update 8: Configuration for the strategy updated:

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