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Adventure - Dump Sniper PRO - Cryptoset

Adventure - Dump Sniper PRO - Cryptoset

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The settings are fully matched to the combination of services: Dump Sniper PRO (Strategy) & Knife Catcher (Signals)
Variable values:

Percentage lower BID/ASK: You can lower / increase this value. Reduced means a few transactions less but the difference in the entry price will be better. Increased value means more transactions but usually we will start with a slight "-"%

Trailling stop-loss: You can lower / increase this value, but not more than 0.25% down and 2% up. The lower value will result in faster closing of the transaction but with less profit. Increased value means more profits but may leave more pending currencies.

DCA: Generally, DCA is a problem because it does not work properly on Cryptohopper for now and you have to do it manually. Only "DCA after time" works.

We do it by following few rules:
- If the price drops quickly after purchase (eg -4% within an hour maximum 2-3 hours) = we are doing DCA.
- If the price drops by 4% within 2 days We do not do DCA -> then We are waiting for a minimum of 5% drop to start thinking about DCA
- We do not allow the currency to be higher than -7%, unless the BTC rate is still falling dynamically in the same time. Then We are waiting for the first green candle 5 minutes on BTC and then we are doing DCA
- In general, DCA is always in the range (-5%) - (-7%) max 3-4 times.
Cryptoset - Knife Catcher
Pause signal: OFF
Market order: OFF
Take profit at: 2-4
Percentage higher bid: 0.11
Percentage lower ask: 0.11
Sell signals: OFF
Cryptoset – Technical Analysis
Pause signal: OFF
Market order: ON
Take profit at: 4-6
Percentage higher bid: Empty
Percentagr lower ask: Empty
Sell signals: OFF
Strategy tests:
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