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Cryptohopper celebrates its 5th anniversary!

Dear Hoppers,

It's been five years since we, Pim & Ruud, launched the first version of Cryptohopper from our apartment in Amsterdam. At the time, we were trading behind the computer all day. Then we thought: it's time to do something different.

That idea became Cryptohopper.

From our first launch day, we started building a community of people whose wishes and needs we translated into the product. It was your voices and your challenges that led to some of our biggest and most defining features, including the marketplace, trailing features, the signalers' platform, and many indicators.

Looking back at that time, developing the platform hand in hand with our users has been one of the most valuable experiences. It was our introduction to you—the people we want to help trade better.

Cryptohopper is now making an impact. Worldwide.

People are using Cryptohopper around the globe. We've inspired thousands that trading can be done differently.

Our marketplace helps beginners step into the game while experienced traders can share their knowledge. We were, and still are, the first that offers A.I. trading, which functions like a continuous backtester that adapts automatically to changing markets.

We're making Cryptohopper easier to use, from the ground up. First, our landing pages are beautifully redesigned and rebuilt. Making them faster. We've created a user-friendly onboarding experience that jumpstarts your automatic trading adventure. And next is making the platform more intuitive, which we hope to launch the first big improvements very soon.

Even our app has been totally renewed with your help. We've received so much valuable feedback, which we've used to improve our mobile app. We're proud of the fully functional and easy-to-use app. Which helps you check up on your investments while you're on the go.

What's next

Regardless of the market or crypto winter, we keep innovating. We see that the market is slowly maturing and that the whole world is giving crypto a place.

Governments worldwide are looking for a way to deal with it. For the time being, this results in different rules per country, but indicates that more regulatory certainty is being formed for the industry. The MiCa ensures European unity and is another step forward to help the market to the next level.

There are many opportunities for us to help traders and continue to build towards that mission of building tools to help you trade like a pro.

We're planning on making Cryptohopper more accessible. Regardless of your level, it should be easier to use and available in your language. While on the backend, we're always improving on making our system faster, better, and more efficient.

Soon, we'll launch a new feature that allows for much easier copy trading, called the "Copy Bot". A feature requested by many. It's cheaper, and easier to use. No need for complex settings when you're just starting with Cryptohopper. Our goal is to take you by the hand, introduce you to the world of automatic trading, and help you get to the next level. One step at a time.

Keep an eye on us. We'll be sharing more exciting news about a major project we've been working on. This is going to be a game-changer for Cryptohopper users, and we expect it to dramatically improve your experience with us.

Thank you

You are a continuous inspiration to us. Our users, sellers, affiliates and staff. Without you, we could never have achieved this much progress. As far as we are concerned, this 5th anniversary is an ode to you.

Thank you for your trust. We look forward to the next five years. We continue to evolve, bear market or not, and build on our first and most defining mission - to make you a better trader. After all, you don't become better by doing the same as everyone else.

Trade different.

Pim & Ruud Feltkamp. Founders of Cryptohopper.

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