Cryptohopper is the first automated trading tool to integrate signalers.
Signalers take away the difficulty of trading and combine state of the art technical analysis to help you trading.

Imagine the combination of a 24/7 crypto trading bot and a reviewed signaler. The best of both worlds. Investing in cryptocurrencies has been made easier by the best automated crypto trader in the market, with the possibility to review and subscribe to signalers.

Cryptohopper is the first auto trader that has integrated professional external signals.

A signaler is a person or group of people that scan the crypto markets, and are looking for signs that the rate of a cryptocurrency is going to move upwards. Signalers use cloud computing and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to screen hundreds of technical indicators 24/7 for all digital currencies. The signalers have performance reports, so you will know their profitability from these records. Your Hopper will be able to buy any currency a signaler will give a signal for.

One of our favorite signalers is Check their website to review their performance reports. CoindicatorBot cost 5 dollars a month, but there are free signalers as well. Crypto Bullet is one of them.

A new period has begun. The combination of trading bots and signalers.

Just remember. We did it first.

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Happy Hopping!