As many of you are aware, our users experienced some issues after we migrated our database.
In this article we will elaborate on the things that happened and the means to rectify caused problems.

Hey Hoppers,

At 13:00 (GMT+1) we performed a database migration. Unfortunately, something went wrong and some hours of data are lost. This has lead to a variety of issues. Below are these issues, and what can be done to rectify them.

If you changed your settings in the last few hours, these changes are unfortunately lost. You will have to redo any changes made over the last few hours.

You might have positions that are already sold. If this is the case, select the position and select remove in bulk options.

You may have ‘’lost’’ some positions. Don’t worry, your coins are still safe on your exchange! Use the synchronize tool to add the position again. Unfortunately you will not be able to sync the percentage profit. You can set a manual percentage profit based on the price you bought at which you can check on your exchange. If you don’t set this manually your position will sell according to your base configuration, which means the position could sell at a loss.

Some of our users who upgraded their hopper in the last few hours might have issues with their subscription. Please file a support ticket so we can manually rectify this as soon as possible.

The good news here is that the migration itself was a success. We are live on faster and better servers, allowing us to offer a better service and making us ready for more growth.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

Kind Regards,


Happy Hopping!