Binance exchange now available on Cryptohopper! Cryptohopper has always thrived on user suggestions and requests. Binance has been requested a lot by our users, so we're very proud to have finally added them.

With great excitement we announce the official support of Binance on Cryptohopper.

What makes Binance different?

Did you know they're one of the cheapest in town? They ask a 0.1% fee, instead of 0.15% (Poloniex) or 0.25% (GDAX). Since your Hopper makes a lot of trades for you, this is a huge advantage.

If you have not created an account there yet, start by creating an account

Great features of Binance:

  • Low transaction fees
  • Quick API responses
  • Many available coins
Start hopping on Binance today!

Happy Hopping!

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