Founded in 2013, HitBTC is often referred to as one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform claims to focus on security and strives to provide the ultimate user experience, boasting hundreds of thousands of satisfied users.


HitBTC is known for offering many Spot trading pairs. Of all supported exchanges on Cryptohopper, it offers the most with more than 1200+ trading pairs available. If you’re searching for a coin, there is a high chance HitBTC offers the cryptocurrency you want. With a daily trading volume of $4.4 billion (11/05/2021), HitBTC is one of the most liquid exchanges resulting in a pleasant trading experience.

Connect HitBTC with Cryptohopper and trade automatically 24/7! (Spot trading only)

The trading platform is designed for users with previous trading experience but also features a demo trading mode for less-experienced traders.Demo HitBTC is a special platform where users can credit themselves with test funds and try different trading strategies without making real investments. Users can trade manually or via the API – the test mode is as responsive as the regular exchange platform.

Seasoned traders will have no problem with HitBTC's usability, as it is intuitive and similar to other popular trading platforms. In addition, HitBTC features both native and TradingView charts, making analysis and trades pretty straightforward.

For people unacquainted with cryptocurrency, we recommend trying a new HitBTC wallet. The app supports over 500 coins, allows buying digital assets nearly instantly, using regular credit or debit cards. When you feel more confident in the crypto space, you can always switch to the trading platform, as the wallet can also be linked to your HitBTC account.


HitBTC insists the platform provides the highest level of user safety, enabling whitelists, cold storage, and a sophisticated encryption system. The KYC procedure is standard, and users will be verified nearly instantly.

As one of the oldest crypto exchanges, HitBTC has never been hacked.

Trading Fees

As for the trading fees, HitBTC offers some of the lowest trading fees on the modern market. The HitBTC fee model is based on the common maker/taker model, with makers adding and takers removing liquidity from the book.

Starter, general, and upgraded types of accounts are available. The fees for Starter and General accounts are fixed at 0.1% Maker Fee and 0.25% Taker Fee. The upgraded accounts are based on the tier system, which means the fees depend on how many trades a user executes. Basically, the fees decrease when the trade volume rises.

Final Thoughts

Overall, HitBTC offers a solid and enjoyable trading experience. Although it might not be the best fit for beginners, they can start with something more simple such as the HitBTC wallet app and then switch to the main platform.

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