The applications of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) enabled bots is spreading throughout various industries. In the past few years, a number of companies have started using chatbots to drive efficiency into their customer service operations. Now, these bots have procured their place in an industry near and dear to our hearts: cryptocurrencies.

How can the consumer leverage these bots to optimize their trading? What will make the most sense for you, whether you’re an excited newcomer or a seasoned pro? Read on to find out.

How Bots Are Leveraged for Trading in Cryptocurrency Markets

The schematics of the cryptocurrency market are quite different from that of traditional financial markets. While the crypto market is a lucrative opportunity for investments and trading, it has its own set of functionalities. This set includes sudden price movements, volatility, trading operations, storage, and working hours.

Cryptocurrency bots have turned into an efficient tool for navigating crypto markets. Essentially, crypto bots are advanced programs that conduct automatic cryptocurrency trades by constantly analyzing multiple parameters. The bot is connected to a cryptocurrency exchange via an Application Processing Interface (API) and uses advanced algorithmic methods to derive the best conditions for entry or exit points in a trade.

Automated trading bots are especially relevant to the crypto industry because markets run 24/7. It would be impossible for any trader to constantly monitor market conditions around the clock. The automated trading bots fill that gap by facilitating profitable trades through constant market observation and trading.

The benefits of using automated trading bots are not limited to harnessing their functionalities in a cryptocurrency market Multiple advantages of crypto bots can be leveraged to access profitability in the crypto industry.

While novices may assume that crypto trading bots can only be used by an experienced trader who knows the ins and outs of the market. A crypto bot can be a significant tool for beginners to effectively start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of Using a Crypto Bot for Beginners

Let’s face it - for any novice trader, the cryptocurrency markets can be a bit overwhelming at first. Beginners in the market can leverage a crypto trading bot to familiarize themselves with market conditions, strategies, trades, storage, exchanges, and more.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits for any novice trader in using a cryptocurrency autobot:

  • Automation - Crypto bots enable automated trading for any beginner. By studying market prices, charts, and other external factors, a crypto bot ensures a certain degree of success in trades. A beginner can set up a crypto bot to conduct automatic trades while they get up to speed with the industry.
  • Mirror Trading - Bots follow the trading patterns of successful traders - their strategies, signals, and templates that are further applied to your trades.
  • Execution - A bot takes into consideration multiple factors and executes trades at a much faster scale than humans. A beginner can specify their basic trading parameters and crypto bots will execute trades at these precise conditions.
  • Passive Income - The crypto autobot can run round-the-clock without constant monitoring. Any beginner can leverage its advanced algorithms and create a passive source of income in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Demo Trading - Prominent crypto bots allow a beginner to practice demo trading in the market without actually owning any cryptocurrencies. This process allows a novice trader to familiarize themselves with the basics of crypto trading in a low-stakes environment.

Advantages of Using a Crypto Bot for Experts

While a trading bot enables a beginner to understand the basics of cryptocurrencies as well as to conduct profitable trades, it is also a prominent tool for experienced traders. From advanced testing to automating their manual trades, let’s take a look at the advantages of using a bot for cryptocurrency trading.

  • Backtesting Strategy - Leading bots allow an experienced trader to backtest their trading strategy using past historical data. Traders can gauge how their present trading strategy performs against past market conditions. This allows individuals to improve the likelihood of success in their present strategies.
  • Multiple Trades - Even an experienced trader can’t execute multiple trades at one time. A cryptocurrency bot facilitates a trader to specify their manual parameters and conditions for entry or exit in a particular digital currency. The bot will automatically execute the trade as soon as conditions specified by the trader are met, thereby enabling multiple trades.
  • Eliminate Emotions - Even the most experienced trader can indulge in greedy buying and panic selling. Crypto bots eliminate subjective emotions from the equation and conduct objective trades based on mathematic algorithms. Moreover, it gives an experienced trader the chance to buy a specific token at their ideal conditions without factoring in time, fatigue, and emotions.
  • Leverage Volatility -The cryptocurrency industry continues to experience extreme volatility. The sudden uptrend or downtrend of prices is common. Using a bot, a skilled trader can take advantage of this volatility through long or short positions and earn profits even when there is a downtrend.
  • Advanced Strategies - Skilled traders can leverage mirror trading, arbitrage trading within exchanges, and gain information through bots processing multiple gigabytes of data within seconds while leveraging a bot’s trading indicators and efficient execution.

Cryptohopper: The Ultimate Tool to Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptohopper is an automated trading bot designed for beginners to navigate the ins and outs of crypto trading and for experienced traders to conduct effective trades, finetune their trading strategies, and increase the chances of profits in the industry.

In order to offer an optimum experience, Cryptohopper has partnered with prominent cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, Okex, Hitbtc, Kraken, Bitfinex, and more. The platform also facilitates the management of a diversified crypto portfolio with more than 100 coins, including the leading digital currencies.

Beginners can leverage multiple features at Cryptohopper, including automated trading and mirror trading. Novice traders can also learn how to understand the schematics of cryptocurrency trading by accessing our demo trading or paper trading functionality.

Experienced traders can leverage Cryptohopper to backtest their strategies while utilizing trailing stop loss to maximize their profits. Additionally, Cryptohopper also offers an arbitrage tool to access the profits from the difference in cryptocurrency prices between exchanges. Cryptohopper also offers a user interface with access to advanced functionalities such as technical indicators, candlestick patterns, charts, and graphs.

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