We have great news that we would like to share with you!

We have kept on listening. Something that often came back is the wish of connecting all your exchanges without needing a subscription. We came up with a solution for this. The Pioneer. Completely free of charge, available for all exchanges on Cryptohopper.

Portfolio Management

Connect as many Hoppers to exchanges as you want. These will automatically get the Pioneer package assigned. You will be able to use the most basic functionality of our platform. Trade manually and manage your entire portfolio without any costs.

If you already have a subscription, you can assign it to the Hopper you want to trade automatically with, while still being able to trade manually on all your other exchanges.

Manual Trading

It is possible now to trade manually on all exchanges available on Cryptohopper without having a paid subscription. 

The Advanced Dashboard can be used to check Technical Indicators on TradingView, the order book of all trading pairs, and for the trading terminal to place limit and market orders. Open up to 20 positions per Pioneer Hopper. Who does not want to have all these features on one platform? 

The Pioneer offers a solution for, people who need more time to get to know us, all traders who want to manage the complete portfolio of themselves or their customers from one place, and those who want to pause because of a bad market but still want to keep using Cryptohopper.

Then we have nothing else to say, except thank you very much. We are thrilled with all the support and positivity that we have received from you. We are incredibly proud to have built this product with such a great community.

There will be many exciting developments soon. So keep an eye on us.

Happy hopping!