The computerization of the markets began back in the 70s. Since then, trading bots have started acquiring an important part of the trading volume. An automation of the markets that is also significantly high in the crypto markets.

Due to all the available technologies and infrastructure of the market, the crypto trader has been born and bred among trading bots. These are the 7 reasons why trading bots have become so popular among crypto traders:

  1. They’ve got a proven track record

    As of 2014, 75% of all trades taking place on the New York Stock Exchange occurred at the hands of automated trading systems (ATS). Why? Because ever since they were introduced, they proved to be much better traders than people are. Naturally the early ATS adopters were the real winners because they were competing with a market controlled by humans. Cryptocurrency trading is much newer than stock trading, but funnily enough it has still not entered the age of automated trading, until now.

  2. They’re complete workaholics

    Let me put it this way. Humans eat, sleep and live their life. Cooks cook, bankers bank, pilots fly. Of all of us day traders and would-be-cryptocurrency-connoisseurs, how many of you can really say you dedicate your entire life to trading? 0. Trading bots literally work all day, all night. Always, always, always scanning price fluctuation, finding opportunities and avoiding catastrophe.

  3. They don’t have emotions

    Sure, you’re better at writing a love poem to your crush, but when it comes to trading, the bots are just better because they’re 100% rational. Ever panic sold when you thought a coin was about to tank and then watched it boom back up minutes later? If you answered yes, you’re most likely a human. Most major stock exchanges have trading curbs that close markets for some time to counteract panic selling. This ensures traders to have the time and ability to assess accurate information and think rationally…kind of like a bot would.

  4. They are YOU

    Not so fast, I’m not saying you’re the terminator. The point here is that your bot doesn't work until you set it up. It’s up to you to tweak and adjust its decisions to trade exactly how YOU would if you had the time, energy and muscle to stay glued to the charts all day. The working bot is therefore a reflection of you and your trading style.

  5. They’re easy to use

    Ok, ok, they’re great at trading - even better than humans, but that also means they must be complicated…WRONG. You do not need a Phd from MIT to control a personal trading companion. These things have been designed to be easy to set up and start out. Better yet, if you don’t know anything about trading, there are plenty of highly capable and successful trader more than willing to share the best configurations across social media platforms like youtube, Facebook groups, discord etc.

  6. They are faster.
    No, it isn’t your fault. Simply, you cannot compete with the speed of lightning. Doesn’t matter how quick or hard you click on your mouse to execute an order, the bot will always beat you. And I can guarantee you, even a second of delay will impact your trading profitability. A trading bot will always win the race against humans.

  7. They are omnipresent.
    Whether you want to apply your strategy to one or hundred markets, the bot will carefully analyze every single one of them without exploding. Amazing, right? The multi-screen setup of a trader can seem very cool, but let’s be clear, having so many markets and time zones to continuously watch is a headache and can cause you a burnout. For the bots, it is an easy task. Monitor them and take the right decisions to make your portfolio grow while your money works for YOU.

  8. Easy to backtest and improve.
    Technology is amazing. With just one click, you will be able to see how your trading bot would have performed in the past. This is called backtesting, and will let you easily improve your bot until it reaches the desired consistency that everyone is trying to achieve. Backtest, backtest and backtest until your strategy is so polished that you can  just let it run without any dangers!

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