Cryptohopper launches an app that makes trading 24/7 even simpler to keep tabs on.

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands – July 3rd, 2019

Supporting smart round-the-clock automation as a core benefit, Cryptohopper has just announced a new boon. Widely-recognized for taking the mystery out of crypto trading for Bitcoin and the like, the industry standout Cryptohopper now has a mobile app. Already showing hearty signs of success thanks to the enthusiasm of early adopters, the app has hit the high notes for a rather wide section of the crypto marketplace. Now, pros and beginners alike can do things like check on their investments wherever they are; they can also switch between “Hoppers” while following and emulating all things profitable. After all, who doesn’t want an on-demand crypto trading bot in their pocket?

Built for beginners and pros alike, the crypto trading app allows newbies the flexibility of automating their own newfound trading plans of action. Or, they can follow a professional crypto trader and imitate their every knowledgeable move. Dually, expert users can build trading strategies and let the Hopper automatically scan the market for them. Once located, they can then auto-buy and sell cryptocurrencies without a hitch. With information on tap, the app will show what a user’s Hopper has bought and sold and highlight if a profit was made. It will also report on any errors, show statistics about their most frequently traded coins, average profits, and give a full reporting of assets.

A representative of Cryptohopper said of the app launch, “Our app is an easier way to keep track on your investments wherever you are just by logging in with a Face ID or password. In a world that moves as fast as ours does, trading automatically is a key advantage that never quits. After all, who doesn’t want to trade automatically, even while they sleep?”


  • Dashboard
  • The dashboard shows you the value of your crypto funds converted into your base currency, overall returns, currently open positions, orders, shorts, amounts reserved and trade history, as well as being able to sell a position, hold it and split it by pressing and holding on a position.

  • Stats
  • The evolution of your cryptocurrency holdings in your base currency and USD during the last month, current assets, most traded coins, average profit per coin, average holding time, amount of the base currency invested and total returns, allocation of funds, profit based on different triggers, sell triggers and amount of buys and sells.

  • Notifications
  • Receive push notifications every time your hopper opens or closes a trade, a trigger is activated, receives a signal, beginning and end of a panic sell, order is placed, order is cancelled, login and subscription expires. Feel free to configure those that would like to receive in your device.

  • Output
  • Your hopper and signaller’s output. Info and error messages related to your hopper and signals

  • Security
  • Secure your hopper with options like Biometric authentication and 2FA.

  • More
  • Change Hoppers, user profile, configuration (read-only for now), terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

Download the app now and check your Hopper anytime, everywhere.

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