Crypto trading platform announces a new Algorithm Intelligence (A.I.) feature that cuts to the chase for what used to be a time-consuming process.

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands - January 15, 2021 -

Changing the game again to bring seamless crypto trading to the fingertips, a new kind of automatic backtester from Cryptohopper comes to market. Suited to become a new standard, the feature is called Algorithm Intelligence (A.I.). Though not yet the typical usage for the AI tag name, this feature allows crypto traders to feed all possible trading strategies into Cryptohopper for automatic analysis. As close to a set-it-and-forget-it convenience as one can get, the new feature automatically tests, rates, and deploys trading strategies so your trading bot can make the best choice according to the current market.

A representative of Cryptohopper said, “It’s laborious for traders to combine technical indicators, make strategies, and then backtest them. Data from past markets is helpful for what is continually in flux to garner how cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum would've performed. To say the least, the fact that the process must be done continuously adds to work. Now, you feed your A.I. bot with strategies and it will happily do the rest!”

To help the personalized feature do its work, comprehensive analysis strategies are available for download from the Cryptohopper marketplace or, users can build their own. Just feed the A.I. trading bot with strategies for trend recognition and buy/sell signals. Then, determine in the configuration how high the score must be in order to signal a buy. From there, the bot will rate the strategies and will implement the best performing one, based on an accuracy score. The user’s Hopper will automatically follow signals that come from the strategy with the highest accuracy.