We recommend to always check whether the URL in your browser is correct.

Imitation websites are currently in circulation. Today, Bleeping Computer, CoinTelegraph, and other websites have mentioned the following:

“On the 5th of June Twitter user and malware researcher Fumik0_ has discovered a new website that spreads cryptocurrency malware, according to a report by Bleeping Computer. According to the report, the host for transmitting these viruses is a website that imitates the website for Cryptohopper, a website where users can program tools to perform automatic cryptocurrency trading.”

This is a classic way of phishing and also one of the reasons why we always warn our users when they login to check if they are actually on https://www.cryptohopper.com. We're now changing our landingpage, so that there's a warning there as well. We want to emphasize that this has no impact on the safety of Cryptohopper and we would like to thank Bleeping Computer for sharing this information.

What can you do?

  • Check of you’re actually are visiting the domain https://www.cryptohopper.com and watch out for misspelled domains like wwwcryptohopper or www.cryptohpper.com.
  • Do not enable withdraw on your API keys, to make sure assets cannot leave your exchange trough our software.
  • Always use 2-factor authentication.
  • Use a unique password and preferably change this every two months.

We are currently evaluating if there are more ways to help users to remember to check if they are on the right website by checking the URL. As said before, we’re adding a warning to the homepage as well.

Cryptohopper will continue to report these phishing sites to the Dutch authorities, and we encourage everyone to contact us if they’ve encountered a phishing website. If you have seen an imitation website, please let us know by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Also, let us know how you have found this imitation website.