The global cryptocurrency capitalisation has risen more than 45% in less than 20 days and even highly capitalised cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum have risen between 50 and 80%. In light of these new circumstances, we can start seeing bulls in the horizon.

Crypto traders are loading their wallets with cryptocurrencies and getting ready to face the next bull run. The crypto FOMO, unfortunately and fortunately at the same time, is taking over again with a significant part of the crypto market skyrocketing after one year and a half.

In a situation where the Bitcoin price can shoot up 10% in less than a minute, this blog will show you how to set up your hopper to trade automatically in 5 minutes.

1. Create your account in a jiffy →
By just introducing an e-mail, username and password your account will be created and ready to use.

2. Let me introduce you to Hoppie!

Cryptohopper hoppie manager

Hoppie is the Cryptohopper robot and will help you during the setup process. Here, Hoppie shows you three different pathways to continue with your account:

- Change the configuration of this hopper, already created so you can kick off even faster;

- Create a new hopper, totally built by you and created from scratch;

- Just look around, check out and familiarise yourself with the platform before jumping into the config, also known as the brain of the hopper.

3. Anybody said pay? Keep the money in your wallet for now and enjoy the 7 days free trial! Check, research and explore the platform and skip any payment process.

4. Plug your hopper into your exchange. Connecting your exchange to the trading platform hasn’t ever been so quick. Go to your exchange, copy the API keys and paste them in your hopper’s config. Connection made successfully, congratulations! Your crypto trading journey has just started!

5. Select your strategy or let the pros do it for you.
- Experienced in trading? We have something for you. We have automated more than 35 built-in indicators that you can adjust and combine to create your automated strategy. But this isn’t all! For those traders that prefer naked trading, we have incorporated candlestick pattern recognition in our system. Hammers, dojis, dragonflies, engulfing patterns… only by selecting them you can include them in your strategy.

- Newbie in trading? You have nothing to worry about. We have centralised the best signals and strategies in one place, the Marketplace. Look around, check the stats, reviews and go shopping! You can get automated signals, strategies and templates for your hopper. Once you have downloaded them, you just need to select them in your config and voilá.

Were you expecting further steps? Well, that’s all! 5 simple and accessible steps for everybody interested in trading and crypto. The future of trading is here and is anti time-consuming. Just by following these 5 steps your hopper will be totally ready to start taking advantage of the opportunities of this bullish market.

  1. Create your account
  2. Connect it to your exchange
  3. Select a strategy
  4. Close your laptop
  5. Let it run.

Get started today!