Next week, on Wednesday, the 29th of May, we’re organising our first Cryptohopper meetup! On this evening you can expect multiple speakers, a panel discussion and more than enough time to meet people with a similar interest in crypto!

The different speakers will analyse topics related to crypto investment funds, social and bot trading and cryptocurrencies. We are bringing very experienced people in each of these fields to share with us some of their expertise and future outlook.


* Ruud Feltkamp - CEO and Co-founder at Cryptohopper * Linkedin

* Arthur Stolk - Managing Director at Icoinic * Linkedin

* Michael van de Poppe - Crypto Michael * Linkedin

* Jan Scheele - CEO @ Blockformer / Digital Leader @ World Economic Forum * Linkedin


  • 18:30 Walk in
  • 19:00 #1 by Ruud Feltkamp (Cryptohopper)
  • 19:20 #2 by Arthur Stolk (Icoinic)
  • 19:40 Break
  • 19:50 Panel discussion with Crypto Michael, Arthur Stolk, Ruud Feltkamp and Jan Scheele.
  • 20:30 Drinks

So if you want to learn more about Digital Assets, Trading, Blockchain, Finance and Strategies, or just want to come by and have a drink at the Cryptohopper office, buy your tickets here! And, of course, drinks are included.

See you the 29th of May!