Daneel's AI & sentiment Analysis features will soon become available on Cryptohopper

We’re excited to announce that Cryptohopper has officially launched a partnership with Daneel.io. After a great initial meeting at CES 2019, we learned about Daneel.io’s AI driven application.

The Daneel engine scans through 1 million tweets, hundreds of articles, tons of discussion forums and social networks to provide its users with a smart newsfeed and a new way to draw insight into blockchain and crypto news.

The use cases range from providing a tailored newsfeed, filtering out fake news to being a powerful tool for sentiment analysis 👀

As a start, we’ve embedded Daneel.io into our weekly newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter below to see the news that Daneel.io’s engine has deemed top on various indicators throughout the last week alongside a weekly column of market analysis by our in-house trading gurus. 

Emotional trading = bad

When trading, emotion is usually a really bad thing. Fear and greed are two prime emotions that will have a negative effect on your trading. At the very start of Cryptohopper was created to mitigate these emotions and use purely technical analysis to guide it's buying and selling decisions for the users. 

While at an individual level emotions might harm your strategy, it's when you zoom out and view the emotions of a crowd that things become interesting. 

Studying the emotions of the crowd = Good

By studying the crowd you can view how people feel about cryptocurrencies in general. You can use social media and news to inform your trading strategies and your choices. This is one of the things that Daneel is very very good at. This type of investigation is known as sentiment analysis.  

We can't wait to expand in this area and harness the power of Daneel to make Cryptohopper smarter. 

Interested in finding out what Daneel can do for you? 

Check out their platform at here and download their app on your phone today. 

Happy Hopping